CAD/3D Models

Fast, accurate 3D models to help see your product in 3D for concept design, production, 3D printing and Virtual reality.

Concept models

Create fast, high quality 3D models to easily see how your product will look, to check proportions, even use them for costing production.

Example: Joss supercar, Bombardier tram

Production CAD models / Class A surfacing

Fully resolved and production ready CAD models.  All feasibility and manufacturing criteria will be combined with perfect line work and reflections.  And the model will translate to any engineering CAD system without issues.  This means no gaps, no surface breaks and surfaces are able to be offset for material thickness

Example: Ford steering wheel. Nissan Altima V8supercar

Reverse engineering

Creating 3D models from Scan data.  Whether its to create some background for accessories or to create perfect CAD from a physical model Delineate can make models to very tight tolerances as well as correcting any errors or changes along the way.

Example: Toyota Landcruiser, Honda models, Eurocopter

Low polygon models for VR/AR and other interactive applications

Often 3D/CAD models can be very heavy with too much data for an interactive application like VR/AR or gaming.  We can optimize these models or where needed rebuild them to very low polygon counts while maximizing quality and level of detail.

Example: Google/Waymo Firefly and Pacifica models

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