See your new product in a totally realistic way, see how it looks, how it functions, compare to other products in any environment and any lighting.

Virtual prototypes

Visualize your product with images and movies before its built, with photo-realistic materials, environments and physically real reflections and shadows. 

Example: Thales, Joss supercar

Marketing CGI

Create compelling marketing content including still images, movies, TVCs, from 3D models.  Reduce the cost and logistics associated with real photography.

Example: Honda Australia, BMW Australia

Point of sale (POS)

Interactive product configurators where you can see your product- every angle, every color, every accessory.  Product configurators are proven to close sales and increase spend on extras.

Example: Honda Australia, BMW Australia


Use 3D models to train your staff, easily disassemble parts, create cutaways and sections through parts, even Virtual reality to learn in an interactive and realistic way at any time and in any location

Example: Repco

Architectural visualisation

Very realistic images of your new building project, floorplans, walk throughs, interior and exterior.

Example: Repco

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