Design/Product Development

Have an idea for a new product?  We can start with an existing product, a sketch, a physical model or just an idea. Delineate can turn your idea into reality.

Design Management

We can map out your whole project from the initial idea though to production, we can advise on the most efficient and cost effective way to develop the product and how to get it made, even how to market it.


Generate sketches, concept models and other 3D content based on simple ideas. Tell us your idea, show us your drawing or the model you have made and we can work from there.

Transportation Design

Planes, trains and automobiles, we’ve done them all.  As well as trams, helicopters, marine and autonomous vehicles.  We also have extensive experience with body kits, accessories and component design.

Product Design

Consumer goods, packaging, furniture, jewellery, fitness equipment

Ergonomics / Human Factors

Working with our partner Human Solutions,  the world leader in vehicle ergonomics we are able to advise on things like comfort, movement, reach, vision, force and perception.

3D scanning

Often designing a new product requires 3D of existing parts, whether it be to add a body kit, design around internal components or just to compare size and proportion to the new design


We are able to advise on a range of prototyping options including 3D printing, CNC machining, composites to reduce your spend and build confidence in your design before going ahead with production.


We can help in designing perfect interfaces.  Optimising gap and flushness between parts, allowing for build and tolerances and visualizing quality in the way a customer does.

Our Customers